Our cakes are made to order and are available in swiss chocolate,
french vanilla, lemon, carrot, spice or almond
Choice of icings are chocolate, butter cream or cream cheese
Fillings include strawberry, raspberry, lemon, chocolate or bavarian cream

Character cake of your choice of characters done in vanilla buttercream serving 12    ~$28.00

Two layer round decorated with your own special
message available in a size to meet your needs.
                                                                                           w/ filling
8 inch round serves 8 to 10           $23.00          $25.00
10 inch round serves 10 to 12     $32.00          $38.00

Flat sheet decorated with your theme and your special message
                                                                                          w/ filling
1/4 sheet serves 18           $30.00                        $35.00
1/2 sheet serves 30           $45.00                        $50.00
full sheet serves 75           $80.00                          $87.00

Your fantasy and larger cakes available upon request

We will work with you to design wedding, christening, shower
and special holiday cakes to match your color and style scheme.

Bite size miniatures 
Creamy mousse tarts ~ strawberry, chocolate or lemon piped into
shortbread tart shells
Cheesecake squares ~ rich and creamy cheesecake with fresh fruit garnish
Truffle torte ~ dense chocolate cake with piped whipped cream and strawberry
Chocolate ganache tarts ~ creamy chocolate piped into chocolate liquor cups
Lemon tarts ~ lemon curd piped into shortbread shells topped with berries
Dipped seasonal strawberries ~ berries dipped in chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate.
Bite size miniatures ~$14.50 doz (can be assorted)
 Butter cookies, Macaroons, Meringues and Shortbread
~$12.00 per pound
Danish ~buttery sweet pastry with your choice of fillings, cherry, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, peach, apricot, prune, apple and cream cheese   ~$18.00 doz

Muffins ~blueberry, apple spice, lemon poppy, corn, chive or carrot
Regular  ~$13.00 doz          Jumbo  ~$16.00 doz

Sticky buns ~sweet pastry with caramel and pecans ~$20.00 doz
Cinnamon buns ~sweet pastry filled with cinnamon sugar and iced with vanilla buttercream  ~$18.00 doz
Tender biscuit filled with your choice of seasonal fruit, current chocolate chips or cranberries ~$18.00 doz
in season fruits made to order ~serves 8 ~$25.00

~All sweet pastries are available in
miniature for a coffee break platter.
Pricing is based on eighteen for the dozen price
from above and must be ordered 2 days ahead.
Seasonal fruit in deep dish flaky crust  ~$16.00
Pecan pie in the southern tradition ~$18.00
Chocolate or Banana mousse topped w/  whipped cream ~$18.00
Cookies ~Peanut butter, Oatmeal raisin, Sugar, M&M’s or
Chocolate chip with or without nuts
Regular ~$10.00 doz    Extra large ~$19.00

Fudgy chewy brownies ~Chocolate, Chocolate pecan,  Chocolate chunk, Chocolate chip blondies, Pecan blondies and
lemon bars    ~$22.00 doz
Almond Chocolate Amaretto torte  ~A swiss chocolate cake moistened with amaretto, filled with chocolate mousse and frosted with whipped cream.
Black Forest torte ~ Chocolate genoise moistened with Kirsch and filled with cherries and whipped cream with chocolate curls.
Chambord Chocolate torte~ Chocolate truffle cake piped with rich raspberry chocolate ganache
decorated with raspberries and curls.
Chocolate Truffle torte ~ Chocolate cake layered with chocolate truffle glazed in chocolate with chocolate curls.
Lemon torte ~ Vanilla cake filled with lemon curd with
white chocolate mousseline frosting
garnished with white chocolate curls.
Strawberry Whipped Cream torte ~ Vanilla genoise layered with whipped cream and fresh berries. Best in season.
Serves 14-16 ~$35.00

Vanilla - dense and creamy with cherry topping or seasonal berries
Amaretto - flavored with almond liquor
Kahlua - flavored with coffee liquor
Double Chocolate - made with white and semi-chocolate

             Serve 12-16 ~$30.00     with Fresh fruit ~$32.00

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