Freshly Baked Cookie Tray ~ $2.50 person
(Old Fashioned or Tea Cookies) 

Selection of Brownies ~ $2.75 person
(Chocolate, Chocolate Nut or Blondies)

Assortment of Cupcakes ~ $2.75 person

Lemon Squares ~ $2.75 person

Miniature Pastry Selection ~ $4.75 person
(Assortment of 3-5 pastries that can include: Cannoli, Cream Puffs, Chocolate GanacheTarts, Fruit Tarts and Mousse Tarts, Cheesecake Squares, Truffle Torte Squares or Dipped Strawberries)

Cheesecake with Toppings ~ $4.75 person

Truffle Torte~ $4.75 person 
Berry, Peach or Apple Crisp w/whipped cream ~ $4.75 person

Homemade Pies (seasonal fruit) ~ $4.75 person (apple, cherry, berry, coconut cream, chocolate cream, lemon or banana cream)

Watermelon ~ $2.75 person 
(In Season) Cut into bite size cubes with grapes, blueberries and mint

Strawberry Shortcake w/biscuit ~ $4.75 person (In Season)

Sheet Cakes~a flat sheet decorated with your theme and your special message~   

1/4 sheet        serves 18         $42.00
1/2 sheet        serves  30         $55.00

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